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Oval Two Piece Chrome Nail Brush # 7

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Item Number: 07105B

All of our acrylic brushes are made of carefully selected European Kolinsky hair with silver ferrules that do not tarnish. They are available in various flat and oval shapes.  We keep the handles natural wood with a tool at the end so it can be used to clean around the cuticle and the handles can be sanded with and old file or buffer to look new again.  Our famous # 7 oval brush now comes in a 2 piece chrome handle and cap so the hair can be protected when not in use.  This brush can last up to twice as long as other brushes since it is protected from dust, debris and contamination.  The cap is also vented to prevent it from retaining too much liquid while not in use.  We offer a special brush specifically designed for our Expressions UV Acrylic which helps ensure the proper 1:1 liquid to powder ratio.  Our Perfections Gel brushes are available in both flat and oval synthetic material that allow easy application and cleaning. Tres Chic Nails offers application tools in a variety of shapes and sizes.