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Clear Liquid 16oz

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Item Number: 2116

Expressions Acrylic Nail Liquid is available in a series of versatile formulas offering today's nail artists a range of application preferences and performance options.   Our series of quality monomers are available in your choice of set time: slow, medium, fast, traditional, odorless and light cured odor free.  Every Expression Acrylic Nail Liquid is formulated to work in harmony with any combination of Expressions Acrylic Nail Powder.   We have eliminated the need to invest in multiple systems to achieve what TCN Expressions Acrylic offers.  Available in Clear, Blue, Violet, Primerless, Competition, Odorless and Light Cured.  Every formula is guaranteed not to yellow or crystallize, even when stored and/or applied in cool conditions.  All of our liquid is MMA free.

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