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Bright Pink Powder 2oz

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Expressions Acrylic Nail Powder is the professional's choice for strong, durable nails.  All of our powders have been developed and rigorously tested for bubble free clarity, smooth consistency, unsurpassed strength and long term durability.  These high impact powder blends include fiberglass reinforcement and special plasticizer additives for flexibility and easier filing.  This formula has proven to help eliminate the two most common problems that lead to product breakdown, cracks and chips, which many less superior products cannot guarantee.    Available in: Clear, Natural, Peach, Soft Pink, Bright Pink, Deep Pink, Competition Pink, Soft White, Bright White, Deep White and Competition White.  Because our Expressions Acrylic Powder is enriched with pigment, all of our powders can be custom blended with each other to create unique colors and consistencies for each individual's preference.   A variety of Expressions Nail Liquid choices are available to accommodate more specific application preferences/choices: simply one system for every skill level, application preference, and salon/spa environment concern.