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Pro-Kit Acrylic Blue Liquid

Your Price: $85.50
Item Number: 5111

Professional Kits contains:   4oz liquid, 1oz soft pink, 1oz soft white, 4oz sanitizer, 4oz universal remover, .5oz primer, #7 oval brush,  2 100/180 files, buffer, 30 forms, 20ct tips in full well, half well & french, 3gram nail glue, .5oz buffing oil, .5oz top coat, liquid dish and instructions.

Kits are available for each enhancement system and come with small sizes of almost everything needed to perform the service. Our acrylic kits are now available in your choice of powder and liquid. We have also introduced The Works kit which comes with every liquid formula and powder shade available so you can try them all and determine which suits your style, without spending hundreds of dollars on products you dont like. Additional accessories are discounted when purchasing kits.